Sunday, July 22, 2012

NEW MUSIC: In My World by Jah van I

Jah van I
Dubbed “The new Golden Voice”, Jah Van I (Vanern Dwayne Tulloch) brings an incomparable unique sound to Reggae music. His first single on Royal Warriors Muzik label, “In My World”, debuted at number 4 on the widely acclaimed Stampede Street Charts, in Jamaica.

Jah Van I made his first professional recording in 1999, a single called “Pictures Frame” for producer Chris Knight, but there was very little promotion behind the project. It was in 2010 when he encountered Royal Warriors Muzik by coincidence at Anchor Recording Studio where he met Owner/ Founder, Bhyrr. Bhyrr was working on a project with Clive Hunt. Jah Van I gave Bhyrr a sample of his music. The following year, when Bhyrr happened to be with Mavado’s brother (Muskilla), they met Jah Van I again. On that occasion Royal Warriors Muzik decided to sign Jah Van I. Almost immediately they began work on their first record “In My World”. Royal Warriors Muzik now exclusively produces and and manages Jah Van I. They are currently promoting Jah Van I’s debut album entitled In My World.

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