Friday, September 28, 2012

2012 BSR Radio Soul Music Festival

Bobbie Naidoo
(SEPTEMBER 28, 2012) One full week has passed since the 2nd annual Black Soul Rhythms Radio Soul Music Festival kicked off with DJ SHINE. This festival is like no other because it is held in the virtual world of SecondLife. This year's theme was "GET OUT THE VOTE for OBAMA". 

THANK YOU to all the DJs who performed during the 2012 Black Soul Rhythms Radio (a.k.a. WBSR-DR) Soul Music Festival. Most are resident DJs from WBSR-DR and if you are a regular listener you know them but you may not know the other DJs who made a guest apperance by participating in the Soul Music Festival this year. The following is a peek at who they are:

Sean Namori a.k.a. DJ SHINE has been doing it and doing it well as a popular DJ in Second Life and on Black Soul Rhythms Internet Radio. Have you ever teleported to a Second Life club and the energy of the music hits you like a lightning bolt? When DJ Shine spins, it will electrify you. DJ Shine has been crafting his talent as a DJ in Second Life for over a year; bring party goers and BSR Radio listeners the hottest Neo Soul, R&B Classics, Hip Hop and Funk music. Learning new techniques that enhances the music that makes it fun to listen to and the energetic vibe of the crowed is what DJ Shine spins for. Don’t blink because this Second Life DJ has his crosshairs set for shooting beyond the realm of Second Life into to "Real Life" Djing.  You can hear DJ SHINE every Friday @ 8:00PM ET (5:00PM PST) or download his podcast

DJ Suz E-Q “I always bring the truth”
Suzette Laviolette-Abbot a.k.a. DJ Suz E-Q has set sail on a fantastic music voyage for his listeners and Second Life party people for over 3 years. Music can change your mood with a single rhythm, beat or sound. DJ Suz E-Q can change her listener mood from mellow, to hot, to let’s shake it up with here Old School R&B, plus a little of this and a little of that. What is it about DJing in Second Life that DJ Suz E-Q  enjoys? In her own words “I like DJing in Second Life because I have a love for music and the ability to speak the truth through my music. I believe that I could do that whether Real Life or Second Life but in Second Life you can work around your real life schedule.” DJ Suz E-Q is one many talented DJ’s in Second Life that you can hear every Friday @ 10:00PM ET (7:00PM PST)

Love Holiday a.k.a. DJ SUNNY LOVE has been rockin Second Life with her DJ talents for over five years. When she spins her music will wash over your body like a wave of pure music pleasure leaving you breathless and satisfied.  Every Monday you can catch the wave of music with DJ Sunny Love 's  "SUNNY MONDAY" radio show  spinning live on Black Soul Rhythms Internet Radio.  DJ Sunny Love is a hot DJ in Second Life giving her listeners and party people the music pleasure of Hip Hop and R&B tunes. After her real life work at a hospital, DJ Sunny Love stress reliever is spring music for friends, family and new friends. She DJ’s because she loves music and you can hear the love and feel the heat each time DJ Sunny Love steps on deck. You can take a copy of her radio show with you by downloading her podcast

DJ CREAMY “She is ready for you are you ready for her….Tune her in and let her .... Turn you on”
Creamy Mynx a.k.a. DJ Creamy has kept her listeners pulse thumping and their heads bopping for over 1 year in Second Life and for 6 years on the Internet. Music is a universal language that bonds people that are miles or worlds apart when DJ Creamy spins she brings her listeners together in perfect harmony. DJ Creamy is shaking Second Life up with her Alternative Rock, Classic rock, Pop, R&B, Neo-soul, Classic Soul & Funk, techno and club mix & dance. When the mood hits her she loves listening to and spinning Love Songs (the ones that Lyrics speak to one's Lover), Reggae and Dancehall plus anything kinky or sensual or with a wicked beat. DJ Creamy enjoys the opportunity to share music that makes listeners and party people want to get up and dance. In her own words “I love bringing music that one can truly feel.” Back in college DJ Creamy use to DJ in Real Life, having DJ in Real life and now and Second Life DJ Creamy shared her thoughts on the differences and the similarities. In DJ Creamy own words, “I did DJ in Real Life, two differences are, one can find a party and good music in Second Life 24/7 every day of the week anywhere in the world unlike Real Life. Secondly, one can dance non-stop in Second Life and do dance moves that would break something if done in real life…Grins . If I did DJ in Real Life, two similarities would be that good music is universal (enjoyed by all - old, young, all races) and secondly, there are very good and very bad DJ’s in both Second Life & Real Life.

Silas Gabardini a.k.a. DJ CLYDE has been hitting that music spot that makes your body hot for over 5 years. Music can touch one’s body in a way no other forms of art can when DJ Clyde spins, his music reaches out and grabs you in a way words cannot describe. DJ Clyde is one of the hottest DJ’s in Second Life that keeps the music thumping and keeps the beat bumping with R&B, Hip Hop, Neo-Soul, House, Rock, Pop, Jazz and Alternative music. What sets DJ Clyde apart from his fellow DJ’s is his passion for creativity, when he spins he likes to incorporate themes with his sets. Once a Real Life DJ and now one of the hottest DJ’s in Second Life DJ Clyde shares his thoughts on the similarities and differences of DJing in Second Life and Real Life. In DJ Clyde own words “People make noise when the music feels good to them, they shout like gestures. Music tends to bring out the same emotion in people in both RL or SL. However in Second Life people can TP out but in Real Life if they don't like the DJ it takes them longer to escape so, have more time to change direction and keep them there.”

DJ Brotha Cos "Simply A Nice Place For Grown Folks"

Cosmo Kawabata a.k.a.  DJ Brotha Cos has been taking listeners and Second Life party people to another realm of music pleasure for over 6 years. Blast off in Three….Two…One…..Engage your music journey with DJ Brotha Cos spinning  an eclectic  mix of RnB, neo and nu soul, Chill  and alternative rhythm based music . DJing in Second Life is fun, entertaining and a great platform for one to express their love of music. There are those that DJ in Second life for many reasons DJ Brotha Cos enjoy DJing in Second Life and in his own words the reason why he enjoys DJing is “The crowds and the conversation and listening to people light up as they either get into the art of music that I am spinning that night, or remembering a song that they hadn't heard in years or hear a song that they hadn't heard before but that they truly like."

Many of these events were only available inside the virtual world of Second Life. Join today so you do not meet the next live DJ event ... its  FREE:

Monday, September 17, 2012

Chillout Sessions Comes to BSR Radio

Announcing the new radio show Chillout Sessions on Black Soul Rhythms Radio every Thursday at 12:00PM ET. The 2 hour Chillout Sessions with Donald Isaac is an Internationally Syndicated Weekly Radio Show.

On the show, Donald mixes a unique and sophisticated blend of Smooth Jazz, Smooth Vocals and Chill Music. The show also gives listeners access to exclusive national & international artist interviews as well as World Premieres of various albums.

Smooth Jazz is our basis and Smooth Vocals from a wide variety of genres such as Sophisti-pop, Blue-eyed soul, and R&B/Soul Music as well as Chill or Chill-out music along with Nu-jazz and Acid Jazz will be sprinkled in. Latin Jazz and other variations of Jazz will also be sprinkled in occasionally.

Listen to the weekly webcast of the ChillOut Sessions on:  TuneIn or Radio Station Website.

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