Friday, January 4, 2013


"Water Seed gives us a refreshingly soulful groove that embodies musical maturity not often found in RnB music today. "
~ Black Soul Rhythms Radio (WBSR-DR)

Putting out a new project February 2013, WATER SEED has released "Feel Like I Do", a 'Buzz' Single featuring Jon Bibbs. Thus far receiving rave reviews, "Feel Like I Do" has introduced various music insiders, DJ's and tastemakers to WATER SEED... But they are far from newcomers!

Brought up on the roots and traditions of the musical city of New Orleans, WATER SEED has become one of the undergrounds best kept secrets.  Crossing genres, social status, and age lines, Water Seed continues to reach fans of every demographic.  Made of up of Grammy winners, Major Label side players and accomplished composers, Water Seed presents musicianship at it's finest.  

Download the “Feel Like I Do” Suite (original and 2 remixes):

"Imagination" is a mellow groove that will grab you from the first drum tap, "Imagination" is the sad story of a man lost in his thoughts about a woman that seems out of his reach. Jerry May Productions deftly depicts such a scenario capturing the lead man imagining the life he wished he had alongside the woman of his dreams.

Download “Imagination” Here:
Watch “Imagination” Here:

WATER SEED has recorded and shared the stage with The Soul Rebels Brass Band, The Rebirth Brass Band, George Porter, Kent Jordan, Clarence Johnson III, Ernie K-Doe, Chocolate Milk and the Baptiste family. They have toured New York, Miami, California, Russia and most of the U.S. Southeast region on a regular basis. They have been review by Aol, Performer Magazine, Creative Loafing Magazine and countless other funk and jazz blogs. 

  • "Water Seed gives me hope!" Famous bass legend George Porter 
  • "It's vibrant and loud like Prince, but soulful enough to gain more than any other fast-paced R&B music." Star Watson for AOL's City's Best 
  • "I'm feeling this Music" Rick Ross (Atlantic Records) 
  • "The show ended with everyone standing and clapping as if it were church; and then the offering plate came into the audience." Live New Orleans Music
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